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Dream journeys
Here's a dream I had recently:

I was traveling in another country with my mother, by car, and we came to a place where the road stopped. It was outside a house, on some kind of balcony, with deep water in front of us. She thought we could just drive through, on top of the water, but I knew that wouldn't work.

A group of people came past, swimming in the water, and my mother jumped in with them. I was annoyed because that meant I'd have to go in too, and I was wearing a long skirt. But I jumped into the cold water, and helped Ma to get safely back to land. We were both cold and wet.

A woman came out of the house with blankets, and I asked her about getting back to the road.

She spoke in a heavy accent, "Well, can be done - but is not easy. Maybe the son of Theodore can help. Car has to go up very steep cliff. He is good mechanic, can take it apart and put back together. But why you want to go? Stay here and take care of Jim."

I realized that Jim was somewhere close by, and I wanted to stay.

I woke up. The whole dream was very vivid, and her last sentence was in my ears.

Another dream:

I was in a public place, some kind of shop or laundromat, and I found a wallet that I recognized as Jim's. It had a special design, something colorful and ethnic, and I was glad and thought how happy he'd be. Then I opened a drawer and there was another one, with the same pattern. Did he lose two? Or could it belong to someone else? I looked inside and it was full of coins. I decided to show them both to him, and he would know what to do.

I woke up feeling happy:  "What was lost has been found".