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Poem for November
This is a poem I wrote about a year ago, at this time of year - when the days seem very short, and the approaching winter long. One of the ways to get through the hard times is the memory of something good.

November afternoon

From my house in the woods
I can't see the western sky,
But if I walk down the dirt road
And straight up Darling Hill,
I reach a point where the trees stop
And there it is--sun setting in the hills.

And yesterday I got there just in time
To see the sky all purple, glowing, red,
Bars of black spilling molten rays.
And then I had to stand and breathe,
Try to breathe in the heavens, try to hold
Impossible! that changing swirl of gold.

I had to stand so still, to fix
The colors in my mind, to let
My heart embrace the moment.
Before the coming rain and fog and cold,
Just breathe and get it right
Before the long, long early-winter night.

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