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Weekend in Pennsylvania
I am just back from a trip to my sister Sarah's house in Upper Darby, PA. My mother and I took the train to Philadelphia for the high school graduation of my nephew Simeon. My friends asked: " why did you take your 92-year-old mother so far, wasn't it too tiring?" My answer is yes, it was tiring, both physically and emotionally - but definitely worth it.

First, Simeon himself is a handsome, articulate young man who won the prize for Greek literature (he is bi-lingual from birth) and graduated with honors.  The ceremony was a bit long for his grandmother, and made his mother cry, but that seemed exactly as it should be.  Then, it was one more link in the chain of family journeys - Sarah came to New Hampshire for my daughter Iona's high school graduation in 2003, I was there when Sarah finished college 30 years ago, and on back.

In many ways it was a typical graduation: proud parents, girls in white dresses, boys in ties, speeches and music. I was touched by the real regret expressed by the students and their teachers - they genuinely liked each other, and were sorry to say good-bye.

My family has always put a high value on education: from my mother, the first in her family to go to college, my father, who got his degree at the University of Michigan during the Depression, and on through their five children. So although we had the usual stresses of a family gathering with sisters, daughters, sons, fathers, mothers and in-laws,  we had a good time.

Simeon lent me books when I ran out things to read  on the train, and I am half-way through The name of the rose by Umberto Eco ( a must-read for librarians). What more can I say? He seems well educated to me already. In September his family will be driving him out to college in  Ann Arbor,  where two of my siblings went to school, and Iona is living now.  I'll be thinking of them all, but especially of Sarah. It will be another tiring journey full of joy and sadness, another child heading out from home, and another trip well worth making.

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I still want one more short paragraph that's more you and Iona's graduation but I'm greedy for your words and insights.

Do you care about capitalization? I just bought a new grammar to catch up on wht's correct today.

I'm going to sign up for this journal when I return in August.

I hope we'll get back to monthly meetings. We have a lot of powerful things to write about and share these days.


Thanks for your comments, Nancy.

Yes, I do care about grammar, but mostly I go with what "looks right"; it would be great to have a reference. (When do I use a colon vs. a semi-colon, for example?)



Good post. - S

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